How to care for our cakes

All our cakes are home baked to order using fresh ingredients so shelf lives will be shorter than some supermarket cakes. We will let you know the best before date of your cake when we deliver it to you as this may differ due to individual ingredients.

As a general rule, your sponge cake will be at it’s best if eaten straight away and should generally be eaten within a couple of days of delivery.  Our rich fruit cakes have a longer shelf life and if left uncut can be kept for about 3 months. The challenge will be saving it this long without eating it!


Store fondant covered cakes at room temperature away from direct heat and light sources. Do not refrigerate the cake as this will cause the cake to dry out and the colours on the fondant to drip and run.

Once cut, store a fondant covered cake as above and cover the exposed cake layers with cling film to stop it drying out. Do not be tempted to freeze or refrigerate a fondant covered cake as this will impair the taste. It’s best to finish it up by enjoying a nice big slice with a cup of tea or coffee!

Sculptural elements made out of sugar such as models or flowers will last for a long time after all the cake has been eaten and will help keep the memories of your event alive.  They should be stored in an airtight container; a plastic container with a lid is ideal. Add some padding to your container, especially if your models or flowers are delicate; foam or tissue paper applied to particularly delicate parts can help prevent breakages and save heartache later. Finally, keep the models or flowers in a cool, dark place to keep them temperature controlled and to keep the colors from fading.

Please be aware that whilst our models and flowers are made from edible sugar, they may contain inedible materials such as wire or wooden skewers for support.  Please ask about placement of these items before serving.